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PGL Arlington Major 2022 statistics in details


The final major tournament of the year, PGL Arlington Major 2022, is over, and Team Spirit is the champion. That means that it's time to collect the championship statistics.

General Stats

  • Over the championship, teams played 82 official matches, which totals 178 maps.
  • Longest map of the championship lasted 75:07 minutes. It was in the grand final between Team Spirit and PSG.LGD. Team Spirit won the series.
  • Fastest map of the championship ended in 12:34 minutes. It was in the group stage between OG and Royal Never Give UP. OG won the series.
  • Most productive map was in the group stage match between Royal Never Give Up and Team Liquid. The players made 94 frags on it, and Royal Never Give UP won.
  • Ame of PSG.LGD has the highest GPM with 1,057. The Esportsman achieved this in the group stage match against Fnatic.
  • Highest KDA belongs to 2 players at a time: bzm of OG and Stormstormer of Entity. Both have 50 KDA.
  • OG members played the most maps in the championship – 28.
  • Monet of Team Aster has the highest average KDA at the championship – 7.46.
  • Average duration of one map was 37:26 min.
  • Dire side was stronger and won 59.55% of all maps.
  • Teams with the Last Pick won 46.63% of the time.
  • Team with the largest hero pool was PSG.LGD. Its members played 56 different heroes.
  • Player with the largest hero pool is Yuragi from OG. He has played 18 heroes.

Meta of PGL Arlington Major 2022

It's been a long time since Dota 2 has had a considerable balance patch. Even so, teams have formed their own meta during PGL Arlington Major 2022, which is different from what we have seen during the regional leagues.

Most Drafted Heroes

In this block, we've highlighted the 5 heroes that appeared most often in drafts. It means that teams either picked them or banned them.

  • Puck: 168 times; 79 picks and 89 bans; 94.38% of all maps.
  • Tiny: 167 times; 96 picks and 71 bans; 93.82% of all maps.
  • Razor: 150 times; 57 picks and 93 bans; 84.27% of all maps.
  • Viper: 134 times; 31 picks and 103 bans; 75.28% of all maps.
  • Winter Wyvern: 132 times; 62 picks and 71 bans; 74.16% of all maps.

Most Picked Heroes

This block compiles the 5 heroes, which were in the teams' picks more often than others. Statistically, each of them became a priority pick target in phase 1. Only in extreme cases players picked them in phases 2 and 3.

  • Tiny: 96 times.
  • Puck: 79 times.
  • Dazzle: 65 times.
  • Winter Wyvern: 62 times.
  • Razor: 57 times.

Highest Win Rate Heroes

There are 5 heroes in this block with the highest win rate with at least 10 maps played. Heroes from this block were most often picked in phases 2 and 3, allowing teams to adjust to their opponent's set-up.

  • Pudge (12 maps): 83.33% WR.
  • Lone Druid (11 maps): 72.73% WR.
  • Storm Spirit (21 maps): 71.43% WR.
  • Lycan (14 maps): 71.43% WR.
  • Enigma (13 maps): 70.00% WR.

Unclaimed Heroes

PGL Arlington Major 2022 failed to surprise us with a variety of heroes. Teams ignored 16 heroes at once that never made it into the draft.

PGL Arlington Major 2022 took place from August 4 to 14 in Arlington, USA, where 17 teams from 6 different regions competed for a prize pool of $500,000 and 4,570 DPC points.

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