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Aurora Forced To Forfeit Due To Disconnections In 70-Minute Game

Author: Owen | Published at: 2024-05-24 15:09:00

The Southeast Asian squad received a technical loss in the third map of the DreamLeague Season 23 Lower Bracket match against the BetBoom Team. The decisive map was at the 70-minute mark when Aurora players lost connection from the server. At this point, the BetBoom Team was up 31,000 gold, but after 60 minutes, net worth does not have too much impact.

The game was paused for 50 minutes. The BetBoom Team attempted to lend Aurora their pause time, but the admins decided to hand a forfeit as the pause lasted too long.

The manager of the Eastern European squad shared a few words on the situation:

“Unfortunately, Aurora received a technical defeat against us. We gave them our time and were ready to wait further, ESL delayed the time three more times, we again said that we were ready to wait, but the admins decided to end the series after a pause of a total of 51 minutes.

It's sad that the series ends due to problems like this. We are waiting for the episode with Tundra.”

The series ended 2-1 in the BetBoom Team’s favor, and since it was a Lower Bracket match, Aurora was unfortunately eliminated from the tournament. 

In the first map of the series, the BetBoom Team swept the early game, and all three cores were almost untouched. Nightfall’s Juggernaut ended the game 11/0/8, with gpk~’s Storm Spirit also finishing with a flawless KDA of 9/0/17.

Aurora hit back very hard in the second, as it only took the Asian representatives 26 minutes to win the second game. The kill score was 17-2, and the BetBoom Team called an early GG.

The final game of the series was dominated by the BetBoom Team until TORONTOTOKYO made a huge mistake that allowed Aurora a way back in. During a crucial teamfight at the 61-minute mark, the support player accidentally took Nightfall inside his Phoenix Egg, and Aurora could focus all their resources to popping it. As a result, Nightfall died without buyback.

However, as we all know, the game didn’t end properly, as Aurora disconnected from the game and received a default loss.

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