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BetBoom DACHA Day 4: Team Secret and Gaimin Gladiators Meet In The Upper Bracket Final

Published at: 2023-09-13 21:22:00

Day four of the BetBoom DACHA LAN Stage was a hectic one. To accommodate the three-way tiebreakers in Group A that wasn’t finished yesterday, the three mid-laners of Evil Geniuses, Team Secret, and TSM settled it with 1v1 Shadow Fiend Mid.

1v1 Mid Tiebreakers

The first matchup was between SumaiL and Bryle. SumaiL could show why he is considered one of the greatest mid-laners of all time, schooling Bryle in the Shadow Fiend matchup. 

Bryle then took on Chris Luck to keep TSM’s Upper Bracket chances alive. The North American mid-laner could convincingly win against Chris Luck.

Finally, SumaiL easily beat Chris Luck to secure Secret’s Upper Bracket slot. Since Bryle defeated Chris Luck, TSM claimed the second Upper Bracket slot from Group A, while Evil Geniuses will be sent down to the Lower Bracket.

Team Secret 2-0 Beastcoast

After SumaiL’s victory in the 1v1 mid tiebreakers, Team Secret was immediately tasked to face Beastcoast in the Upper Bracket.

The series wasn’t even close, as Team Secret stomped both games to end the series 2-0. Beastcoast looked completely lost in the series and didn't get anything going.

This victory against Beastcoast means Team Secret advances to the Upper Bracket Final, while Beastcoast will play Evil Geniuses in a Peruvian derby. 

Gaimin Gladiators TSM

Quinn displayed a fantastic performance on his mid Earthshaker in the first game of the series between the Gladiators and TSM. With enough space, dyrachyo’s Sven could join in to help the Gladiators end the first map with ease.

However, Bryle’s Templar Assassin in the second game was too much for the Gladiators to handle, allowing the North American squad to even up the series.

In the decider game, TSM again went back for a Templar Assassin pick in the hands of Bryle. But, this time, thanks to some great rotations from tOfu’s Nature's Prophet, Quinn was able to destroy Bryle in the mid lane and carry that momentum to help the Gladiators control the game. After 31 minutes, the GGs were forced out from TSM.

The Gaimin Gladiators will play against Team Secret in the Upper Bracket Final, while TSM will drop down to the Lower Bracket to play 9 Pandas in an elimination match.

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