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BetBoom DACHA Dubai 2024 Day 2 Recap: OG Sit 0-4, 33 Refuses To Shake Hands

Author: Owen | Published at: 2024-02-05 21:50:00

The second day of BetBoom DACHA stirred some interesting results, with the highlight being OG remaining winless after their second series of the tournament. 

Group A Recap

The Gladiators are leading Group A by a significant margin, and Team Liquid are slowly coming back.

The first series of Group A was between the Gaimin Gladiators and Team Aurora. We don’t have to talk too much about this match – all you need to know is the Gladiators demolished the Southeast Asian squad. In the second map, Jabz got a 5-man Black Hole, but at that point, the lead for the Gladiators was too big for the play to amount to anything. 

In the second series, LGD Gaming and Virtus.Pro traded maps. The first map was a masterclass by the Chinese roster, ending the map in 34 minutes and a kill score of 35-8. Shiro went for a 9th pick Meepo in what seemed to be a good game for the hero. However, squad1x played an excellent game on Tiny to keep the series level.

The final series of the day featured Team Falcons playing against Team Liquid. The first map was an exciting back-and-forth game. Team Liquid won the game-deciding fight outside the Rosh pit to win the first map. In the second map, the Falcons were outclassed entirely and stomped by Team Liquid in 32 minutes. 

Overall, the Gladiators are sitting at four wins, while the remaining teams have one or two wins.

Also, a clip surfaced where 33 refused to shake hands with the Gaimin Gladiators players after losing 0-2 in their match yesterday. Here’s the clip:

Group B Recap

The top three spots are being contested in Group B. Meanwhile, OG is at the bottom of the board with a horrendous 0-4 record.

OG and the tournament hosts played the first series of the day. OG got completely stomped in both games, first in 30 minutes and second in 33. Ceb and the crew looked very good in the qualifiers but have yet to show their capabilities in this tournament.

Surprisingly, Nouns took the first map against Azure Ray very convincingly with their fast-paced Dragon Knight and Visage draft. However, Azure Ray tidied their draft in the second game to keep the series tied. 

The last game of the day was an exciting match between Yatoro and his idol’s team, Xtreme Gaming. Team Spirit quickly took the first map, but Xtreme Gaming outclassed the Dragons in the second. XinQ played exceptionally well on his Batrider in the second game to tie the series between the two Titans. 

OG and Nouns are on the brink of elimination unless they step it up in the coming days.

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