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BetBoom DACHA Dubai 2024 Day 3 Recap: Comebacks, Upsets, And Intense Games

Author: Owen | Published at: 2024-02-06 18:42:00

Day 3 of the BetBoom DACHA Dubai tournament was an action-packed day, with incredible games being played by the participants. Here’s what happened today!

Group A

After Day 3, three teams are tied for first place, while the two teams that will be eliminated have been made somewhat clear.

It was a slow start to the day for Group A, with LGD Gaming stomping Team Aurora 2-0 very convincingly. With this result, LGD Gaming currently leads the group at 4-2, while Team Aurora sits 1-5, staring at elimination.

The second series of the day featured a banger matchup between the Gaimin Gladiators and Team Falcons. Surprisingly, thanks to an excellent performance on ATF’s Slardar, the Falcons could win the first game in 37 minutes, handing the Gladiators their first loss of the event.

In the next game, the Gladiators showed why they were title contenders and built a 10,000 net worth lead in the 24th minute. During a high-ground siege, Sneyking landed an immaculate Winter’s Curse that led the Falcons to wipe out the Gladiators and pull off a comeback, ending the series 2-0 in favor of the MENA squad.

The final series for Group A was between Team Liquid and Virtus.Pro. In the first map, Virtus.Pro looked great and built up a 30,000 net worth lead in 42 minutes, taking two lanes of Barracks and both Tier 4 towers. However, a miraculous high-ground defense fight for Team Liquid helped miCKe and the boys pull off an incredible comeback to win the game. 

Virtus.Pro ran out of steam in the second game and got destroyed by Team Liquid in 31 minutes, ending the series 2-0.

Virtus.Pro and Team Aurora stare down at elimination, but they still have the chance to turn things around in the next two days. 

Group B

Like Group A, Group B started the day pretty dull, with the first series featuring Nouns and OG, two of the weakest teams in the group. Fortunately for OG fans, Ceb and co. could sweep the series 2-0, getting their first win of the tournament. 

Group B matches became more interesting when Team Spirit faced the BetBoom Team. The first map between the CIS giants had to be one of the best games in the tournament so far. It was a back-and-forth 77-minute game featuring close team fights, multiple buybacks, and, of course, some Rapier action. Eventually, the BetBoom Team could close the game after an impeccable performance from MieRo’s Centaur Warrunner. 

The second game showed the better team between the two, as Team Spirit could prevent themselves from getting Brooded, winning Map 2 and drawing the series. 

The day ended with a Chinese derby between Xtreme Gaming and Azure Ray. Recall that Xtreme Gaming “stole” three Azure Ray players. This series showed that the core of the roster that changed ships was superior, as Xtreme Gaming easily won the series 2-0.

OG and Nouns sit at the bottom of the group with scores of 2 and 1, respectively. 

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