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BetBoom DACHA Dubai 2024 Day 4 Results: Aurora and Virtus.Pro Eliminated

Author: Owen | Published at: 2024-02-07 19:33:00

We bid farewell to the first two teams eliminated from the million-dollar tournament, Team Aurora and Virtus.Pro, both from Group A. 

Group A Recap

As mentioned earlier, the eliminated teams and the ones to make it to the Playoffs from the first group have already been decided. Now, the remaining four survivors will play for Upper Bracket slots. 

In the first series of Day 4, the top two seeds of the group, Gaimin Gladiators and LGD Gaming, faced each other. The Gladiators built up a 7,000 net worth lead at 17 minutes, but a few misplays from dyrachyo and the team allowed LGD to come back into the game, eventually stealing the map. 

The second game looked in control for the Gladiators, but LGD fought back and made the game close multiple times. Still, after some great team fight executions, the Gladiators won the map to keep the series tied.

The next series was crucial for Virtus.Pro’s survival in the tournament, but their opponents, Team Falcons, did not give them an easy way out. 

The first map looked in control of the Falcons, but they made a few mistakes which Virtus.Pro quickly punished. Though Virtus.Pro never had a gold lead throughout the game, it was closer than it should be. The Falcons had to work very hard for it, but after 67 minutes, they eventually got the job done.

The second map was a total stomp for the Falcons, allowing the Saudi-backed squad to win the series 2-0. This result meant Virtus.Pro have insufficient points to qualify for the Playoffs and will make an early tournament exit in the Group Stage.

A struggling Team Aurora played against Team Liquid in the final of the series of the day. The Southeast Asian squad had to win the series 2-0 for another chance at the tournament, or else they’d be eliminated.

Aurora won the first map convincingly, but lost the second one, meaning they’d join Virtus.Pro on the way to the airport. 

Group B Recap

Meanwhile, Group B remains competitive, as after four days, no team has been eliminated just yet. However, OG and Nouns are likely candidates for last-place finishers. 

The BetBoom Team faced the North American squad in the first series of the day. Game 1 was a total stomp in favor of the BetBoom Team, putting Nouns in an uncomfortable spot. 

However, fans were treated with arguably the most entertaining game of the day, as it was a back-and-forth 53-minute game that ended in favor of Nouns. If you missed the day and are looking for a game to watch, this is the one. With this result, the series was tied 1-1, keeping Nouns alive in the tournament.

The next match was between Xtreme Gaming and OG. The Western Europe squad approached the game with an Anti-Mage Off Lane to counter Ame’s Medusa. Though it worked for a bit, OG lost control of the game, getting picked off multiple times and taking bad engagements, allowing Xtreme Gaming to capitalize and take the first map.

In the second map, OG came to play, holding an 11,000 net worth lead for almost 10 minutes. After some misplays from Yuragi, Xtreme Gaming came back and won the series 2-0. 

The final series of the day was between Team Spirit and Azure Ray. Team Spirit had the lead throughout the first map’s early game, but an MVP-level performance from fy’s Hoodwink helped Azure Ray take the win. 

The second game was much easier for Team Spirit, as the TI Winners could stomp the map in 34 minutes to tie the series.

OG and Nouns must win their remaining games to have a chance at Playoffs. Though it seems unlikely, a miracle can always happen.

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