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BetBoom DACHA Dubai 2024 Group Stage Results (1v1 Tiebreakers Tomorrow)

Author: Owen | Published at: 2024-02-08 18:37:00

The five-day Group Stage of BetBoom DACHA Dubai 2024 has ended. Four out of twelve teams bid farewell from the tournament, and there will be a two-day break between the start of the Playoffs. 

The four teams that were eliminated include Team Aurora and Virtus.Pro from Group A, and OG and Nouns from Group B. The remaining teams have safely made it to the Playoffs. However, the matchups have yet to be determined.

Group A Conclusion

As mentioned earlier, the bottom two teams of Group A will book their flights back home early. Meanwhile, the remaining teams are all tied with the same score of 6-4. 

All four teams will begin the Playoffs in the Upper Bracket, but they will play tiebreakers for seeding purposes to find who their first Playoffs opponent will be.

1v1 Shadow Fiend Tiebreakers

There is a four-way tie between the top four teams in Group A, and tomorrow, the Mid Laners from each team will take part in a 1v1 Shadow Fiend bracket for seeding purposes.

Here is how the 1v1 Shadow Fiend bracket looks like:

Group B Conclusion

Teams in Group B will have no complications like their opposing group, as everything is set in stone. Xtreme Gaming led the group with an 8-2 score, meaning Ame’s debut in the roster has been successful so far.

Team Spirit and Azure Ray are tied for second place with a 6-4 record, while the BetBoom Team clinched their Playoffs spot with a negative win rate of 4-6. However, none of their records matters since the Group Stage does not determine if a team plays in the Upper or Lower Bracket.

Onto The Playoffs

Since Group A seedings are not completed yet, the teams in Group B are yet to know who they will face. Here is what the Playoffs bracket currently looks like:

There will be a two-day break between the end of the Group Stage and the beginning of the Playoffs. The tournament will resume on the 11th of February, but we’ll have some 1v1 action tomorrow!

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