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Overview of DPC China Division One matches for May 25

Published at: 2023-05-25 10:13:00

The Chinese Summer DPC Tour features two matches on May 25. The first course is Team Aster facing their academy team, Aster.Aries. To end the day, Piggy Killer will face a formidable opponent in PSG.LGD.

Team Aster 2-0 Aster.Aries

Team Aster undoubtedly had the most recognizable roster change in the Summer, bringing King SumaiL to join their ranks. Coming into this matchup against Aster.Aries, Team Aster had a clean 3-0 record and wanted to expand.

Game 1

In Game 1, Team Aster drafted one of their favorite playstyles by putting SumaiL on an active Mid hero and BoBoKa on a support hero that can constantly refill SumaiL’s mana and keep him going. Not only did SumaiL and BoBoKa’s Storm Spirit and Io combo dominate the entire map, but Monet, on his Bloodseeker, ended the game with a flawless KDA of 10/0/8—a quick 30-minute loss for Aster.Aries, whose Naga Siren ended 0/4/0, getting nothing done at all.

Game 2

For Game 2, Team Aster picked Storm Spirit again, but this time, paired him with a Pugna pick to strengthen their mid-game prowess. Again, Aster.Aries could not put up a good fight and were dismantled by the organization’s main roster. SumaiL was able to get an early Orchid Malevolence to shut down the entire map of Aries, ending the game even earlier at 24 minutes this time.

PSG.LGD 2-1 Piggy Killer

Alongside their new Offlaner niu, PSG.LGD have yet to be tested in the Summer DPC Tour, sitting at a clean record of 2-0. Though Piggy Killer weren’t expected to win this matchup, they were looking to show signs of potential by putting a dent in PSG.LGD’s shining armor. 

Game 1

PSG.LGD found lots of success with their Medusa and picked her in the first phase of their draft. Piggy Killer had three picks to address the Snake Lady and chose to draft a Terrorblade to answer the carry matchup. Despite Piggy Killer’s best efforts, shiro, on his Medusa, was totally untouched and finished the game with 20,000 net worth at the 23-minute mark. A clean and tidy showing from PSG.LGD with a rampage from shiro to end the game.

Game 2 - Game To Watch

In Game 2, PSG.LGD approached their draft with an 18th pick Alchemist, countered by a 23rd pick Ursa on flyfly. The laning phase ended relatively even, with both teams looking to farm. Action finally began at the 30-minute mark, where Piggy Killer won a team fight in the middle lane, gaining a 5,000 gold lead over PSG.LGD.

At the 33-minute mark, Piggy Killer managed to kill off shiro’s Alchemist and converted this kill into a free Roshan. Using their Aegis lead, Piggy Killer choked PSG.LGD out of the map and left them stuck in their base, managing to farm up a 16,000 gold lead. PSG.LGD took the fight after the Aegis expiration, but at that point, Piggy Killer heroes were far too strong, forcing PSG.LGD to concede their first game of the Summer season.

Game 3

For Game 3, we saw another Alchemist pick, this time on the side of Piggy Killer. The game was kept relatively close, with Piggy Killer taking the first Roshan to keep the game level. However, at the 26-minute mark, catastrophe struck Piggy Killer as they took a horrendous fight in the bottom radiant jungle. The team fight victory for PSG.LGD helped them carry significant momentum over the remainder of the game, winning in 34 minutes to deny the upset.

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2023-05-25 12:27:15

Better hire an editor because lgd and piggy is 2-1

2023-05-25 16:17:13

the news has gotten much better. i like the game to watch idea. keep up the good work

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