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Overview of the DPC South America Division One matches of May 25


Hokori beat Balrogs. EG beat Infinity. And beastcost with substitutions handled Thunder Awaken and joined the battle for a slot in The Bali Major 2023

Hokori 2:0 Balrogs

The meeting started on an even footing. But a teamfight in the 20th minute turned everything upside down. Even against Ursa and Aegis, Hokori managed to put up a fight in their favor and seize the advantage afterwards. After gaining 30,000 gold, Hokori climbed the high ground to their opponent and finished the game.

From the beginning of the second map, the Balrogs seized an advantage of about 5,000 gold and held it for a long time. But an unsuccessful run into their opponent's high ground was the point of no return for them. The Hokori were able to fight back and killed four Balrogs heroes. The next fight for Roshan, the Balrogs lost to zero again, and the Hokori made a teammate. After that debacle, Balrogs had no chance to get back into the game.

EG 2:0 Infinity

EG had no problems on the first map. They picked his signature Timbersaw for Wisper, who closed the game solo. 13/0/9 from him and an easy win in 27 minutes.

On the second map Infinity held steady and even led 4,000 gold, but the fight for Roshan was lost and all advantage was squandered. The critical one was Adrian's mistake on Bloodseeker, who got caught by Wisper's Reverse Polarity alone and died without a buyback. Thanks to that EG was able to go into the opponent's high ground and finish the game, because it wasn't difficult to spool with Lone Druid.

beastcost 2:0 Thunder Awaken

Nothing worked for Balrogs on the first map. The beastcost won every teamfight, thereby taking a big advantage that Thunder Awaken couldn't handle. Parker showed a great game, finishing with a KDA of 21/1/8.

The second map followed the same scenario. From the start beastcost seized the advantage and didn't give his opponent a chance to do anything on the map. Even with the substitution beastcost ended the series in their favor.

First Division matches of DPC SA 2023 Tour 3 are held from May 14 to June 5. Eight teams compete for $205,000, 1,150 DPC points and two berths to The Bali Major 2023.

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