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Team Spirit Eliminated From DreamLeague Season 23 Qualifiers

Author: Owen | Published at: 2024-03-22 05:33:00

The DreamLeague Season 21 winners have faltered in the Eastern European Closed Qualifier for DreamLeague Season 23. Team Spirit was eliminated after two losses to Natus Vincere and 1win.

Team Spirit began their DreamLeague Season 23 Qualifier run against Nemiga Gaming, a team way inferior to the two-time TI winners. Though Miposhka and company picked up the win, they still dropped a map against Nemiga Gaming, which showed early signs of issues,

In the next Upper Bracket Match, Team Spirit faced the new Natus Vincere squad featuring yuragi and Sanctity- and was defeated with a 0-2 score in the series. Though the Na’Vi roster was playing good Dota, it was still an unacceptable loss for a team of such caliber like Team Spirit. Yatoro ended the match with a combined KDA of 4/17/11.

Team Spirit then faced off against Night Pulse in the Lower Bracket, where they were finally able to pick up convincing map wins in 30 and 28 minutes, which was to be expected. 

Next on the hit list was 1win, the former Klim Sani4 roster. The first map was a completely back-and-forth game, lasting 100 minutes, the longest match Team Spirit has ever played. After insane team fights and Yatoro getting 22 kills, Team Spirit could finally close out the map and take the lead.

However, the 1win squad answered back by stomping the second game in 38 minutes. Munkushi’s Templar Assassin ended the map 16/0/14, a flawless game with 91% kill participation.

In the decisive map, 1win took an early advantage, with an 11,000 net worth lead at the 27th minute mark. Team Spirit could retaliate, winning a team fight to bring the game back to even, but again, Munkushi’s Templar Assassin proved too much for Team Spirit to handle, as 1win could take the map after 55 minutes of play.

Losing to 1win in the Lower Bracket meant Team Spirit was knocked out of the DreamLeague Season 23 Eastern Europe Closed Qualifier. The remaining three teams are, 1win, and Natus Vincere.

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