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Yuragi Carries Na’Vi To DreamLeague Season 23 Qualification

Author: Owen | Published at: 2024-03-22 21:56:00

Yuragi, who was removed from the active OG lineup, found a new home in Natus Vincere. At the same time as his entrance to the team, Sanctity- from IHC Esports also relocated regions to join the roster. 

Natus Vincere’s first gig with the new roster was the DreamLeague Season 23 qualifier, where they were greeted by Asakura in the first round. As expected, Natus Vincere could take down Smiling Knight and his stack with a pretty easy 2-0. 

Things started to ramp up quickly, as their next opponent was none other than the two-time TI winners, Team Spirit. Despite being heavy underdogs, Natus Vincere could win the series 2-0 after a close first map and a convincing second map, sending Team Spirit to the Lower Bracket.

In the Upper Bracket Semi Final, Yuragi and company were tested by another established roster, Despite putting up a decent fight, the Natus Vincere roster fell short after a 1-2 loss, and a lack of chemistry could slightly be seen throughout the series. Still, it wasn’t the end, as they had a second chance in the Lower Bracket.

1win was the opponent in the Lower Bracket Final. Natus Vincere took the first map easily, but 1win replied with a 25-minute victory to tie the series. Even though they lost the laning stage, Natus Vincere could recover and end up winning the third map in 37 minutes after a 10/0/10 performance on Yuragi’s Terrorblade. This victory set up a rematch against in the Grand Final.

The first game of the Grand Final was won by, but Natus Vincere hit back hard by winning two maps in a row, putting them 2-1 up in the Best of 5 series. After a 63-minute fourth game, tied the series, forcing a decider. held a net worth advantage throughout Game 5, but it was because Kiritych was playing Alchemist, causing the lead to be inflated. Yuragi, once again, proved to be a great addition to the squad, as his flawless 11/0/14 Lifestealer helped his team claw back the lead and eventually win the series 3-2. 

This victory over meant Natus Vincere had qualified for DreamLeague Season 23, taking the only slot in the Eastern European Qualifier.

Throughout the journey, Natus Vincere defeated notable teams such as Team Spirit,, and 1win. The future looks bright for the Ukrainian squad.

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