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“GGEZ” - Xtreme Gaming Get The Last Laugh After Winning The Elite League

Author: Owen | Published at: 2024-04-14 21:04:00

ATF and Malr1ne, the two youngsters who have been all-chatting non-stop in the Elite League, have been humbled by Xtreme Gaming. Against all odds, the Chinese squad defeated Team Falcons, who have looked unstoppable in the past few months to win the entire event.

The MENA squad came out on top in the previous confrontation between the two teams. Ammar, doing Ammar things, showed bad manners toward the Xtreme Gaming players. After defeating Azure Ray in the Lower Bracket, Xmand the crew sought revenge.

The first map was a representation of what everyone expected the Grand Final to play out. Though the laning stage was relatively even, Team Falcons transitioned to the mid-game exceptionally well. Malr1ne and ATF on Razor and Doom went on a rampage to kill Xtreme Gaming heroes, taking the first map without too many issues.

Fans thought the series was done, but Xtreme Gaming had other plans. The Chinese squad picked a team fight-heavy lineup with Kunkka and Luna. After farming their core items, Xtreme Gaming began grouping up and snowballed the game. After only 29 minutes, the game ended, and the series was tied.

In the third map, skiter could not get anything going on his Gyrocopter, going 0/7/3. All Xtreme Gaming cores played near-flawless Dota to stomp the Falcons in 33 minutes, now taking the lead in the series 2-1. 

The final map of the series turned out to be the most exciting game. The two teams went back and forth in the first 30 minutes. The Xtreme Gaming team was the first to build a decent lead, but a pickoff on Ame and XinQ turned the game in favor of the Falcons.

However, skiter’s Faceless Void made numerous crucial mistakes. He misplaced some Chronospheres, some of which caught his teammates inside. Xtreme Gaming, leading in net worth, purchased three Wind Wakers, making it impossible for the Falcons to kill any hero in a Chronosphere. 

After exchanging blows, Xtreme Gaming came out on top. After being trash-talked by ATF and Malr1ne, the entire Chinese roster started all-chatting “ez” and “ez game,” also dropping question marks and smiley faces. 

Ame, XinQ, and Dy show that experience is a determining factor in winning titles. Xtreme Gaming successfully defeated the “invincible” Team Falcons roster to win the Elite League title and $300,000.

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2024-04-15 09:02:33
MOUZ 's fan

Everone neutal must be happy that toxic A received deserved slap. That behaviour could be amongst the kids in pubs but not in pro scene. Malrine is ok but AtheFool is too much too arrogant...

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