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DLTV World Rankings - 15th April 2024

Author: Owen | Published at: 2024-04-15 18:31:00

The Elite League has just come to an end, and Xtreme Gaming became the unexpected winners of the tournament. The results of the event influenced DLTV’s world rankings. Before jumping into the top ten, let’s understand how the rankings are calculated.

DLTV World Ranking Format

DLTV’s world ranking is based on the results of professional teams over the past year. When compiling the rating, the sum of points for achievements in tournaments and the current form of the teams are taken into account. 

When calculating points, the final results of each tournament played for the year are analyzed. Points are awarded depending on its recency and significance. The less time has passed since the end of a tournament and the higher its level, the more points a team will be awarded for it. This rating is updated weekly.

Current Top 10 Teams In The World

First place is taken by Xtreme Gaming, who have just won the Elite League and Games of the Future 2024. They were previously placed in the top two, and after defeating the Falcons, Xtreme Gaming is now at the top position.

The Falcons were demoted to second-place. They have won BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024 and DreamLeague Season 23, but lost to the Chinese in the Elite League. Team Spirit and the Gaimin Gladiators are sharing third and fourth place. Though these two teams were the best last year, they have yet to return to peak form in 2024. 

Fifth place is occupied by the BetBoom Team. They are still adjusting to the newest recruit, MieRo`, and still have potential to upset the top teams. Team Liquid sits at sixth, who are gradually returning to their top form. 

The 7-9th positions are occupied by Chinese teams. Azure Ray and G2.iG sandwich the now-disbanded LGD Gaming roster. Aurora from Southeast Asia completes the list of the ten best teams. 

Teams To Look Out For

Entity Gaming, Tundra Esports, and are not in the top ten, but are continuously improving. Yellow Submarine and NAVI Junior, two academy rosters, are also rapidly climbing the rankings. 

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