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Gaimin Gladiators Defeat TSM To Win BetBoom DACHA LAN Stage


The week-long BetBoom DACHA LAN Stage has ended, with the best team in the world taking their fifth title of the year. The Gaimin Gladiators claim the championship and $150,000 in prize money.

Let’s review what happened on the final day and discuss some takeaways from this tournament. 

Team Secret 0-2 TSM

The day started with a Lower Bracket match between Team Secret and TSM. Though the matchup was expected to close, TSMran away with the series with almost no issues.

The North American roster sent Team Secret home with a series score of 2-0. Team Secret could not get more than ten kills in both games, as TSM could stomp both games in 30 and 35 minutes. 

This series victory meant TSM would face the Gladiators in the Grand Final.

Gaimin Gladiators 3-1 TSM

TSM was knocked down to the Lower Bracket by the Gladiators on the first day of playoffs. Since losing to the Gladiators, TSM won all their Lower Bracket matches with 2-0’s throughout the board to have a second chance at defeating the most formidable team in the world.

The Gladiators could win the first two games without too much trouble, putting them 2-0 up in the series. 

In the third game, Ace’s Brewmaster had a fantastic game to put Gaimin Gladiators in an excellent position to end the series 3-0. However, kasane’s Lycan had an equally good game as the enemy counterpart. Some great pickoffs from Whitemon’s Disruptor and Bryle’s Invoker helped TSM stay alive in the series. 

These pickoffs helped Timado’s Slark, who was struggling early, get back into the game. With the help of kasane’s super-farmed Lycan, TSM could pull off a comeback to keep their BetBoom DACHA dreams alive.

Unfortunately, the fourth game wasn’t too interesting, as Gaimin Gladiators won the laning stage and converted their lead to a 23-minute GG.

This result meant the Gaimin Gladiators took the series 3-1 to win BetBoom DACHA.

What Did We Learn From BetBoom DACHA?

  • The Gaimin Gladiators remain the best team in the world. They provided a valid excuse for their performance in Riyadh: exhaustion. A well-rested Gaimin Gladiators team came back to Armenia to sweep every team with not too many issues.
  • SumaiL is one of the most valuable mid-laners right now. SumaiL stood in for Team Secret and showed everyone why he is called the King. Fan or not, everyone has to admit that SumaiL played amazingly throughout the tournament. If SumaiL departs from Team Aster, we can expect to see lots of teams fighting for him after The International.
  • TSM is one of the most-improved teams? Though TSM easily qualified for The International, they didn’t have any great results in any significant tournament this year. However, they have proved their worth as a TI competitor, as they only really lost to the Gaimin Gladiators throughout this event.

Did you enjoy BetBoom DACHA? Let us know in the comments!

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