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Elite League Swiss Stage Day 3: Entity Go On A Flawless Run While 9 Pandas Exit The Event

Author: Owen | Published at: 2024-04-03 00:00:00

The first meaningful day of the Swiss Stage has come to an end, with Entity Gaming and BOOM Esports advancing to the next stage, while 9Pandas and rest farmers have been sent out of the tournament. Meanwhile, the remaining teams will continue their run on the Swiss Stage. 

The day started with a match between kev and 9Pandas in the 0-2 pool, meaning the loser would be eliminated. Game 1 was looking good for the 9Pandas squad, as they built an 8,000 net worth lead at the 21-minute mark. However, a disastrous fight in the 27th minute turned the game 180 degrees, and kev could snatch the first map. 9Pandas struck back with a convincing win in the second game, but kev replied with another stomp in the third game to take the series  2-1. 

Next on the list was Tundra Esports against Nigma Galaxy. Though the Tundra Esports boys were easily the favorites, Nigma Galaxy came into the series with a decent chance to win. However, that wasn’t the case, as Tundra stomped both games to send Nigma to the 1-2 pool. 

Blacklist International defeated Team Secret with a 2-0 scoreline. In the first map, the game was dead even until the Filipino squad won the game-winning fight after a clutch save from TIMS’ Shadow Demon to win the first map. Team Secret picked an early-tempo draft in the second. Though they had the lead, they could not convert it to a quick victory, allowing Blacklist’s scaling lineup to eventually take the game and series.

In the 0-2 pool, easily took out the rest farmers roster in convincing fashion. The series ended 2-0 and was not close at all. Shad and company have been eliminated early from the Elite League.

The most 50-50 matchup of the day was between OG and Entity Gaming, two teams in the 2-0 pool fighting for a spot in the next stage. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the most exciting match, as Entity could easily take down OG with a fast 2-0. This result meant Entity went 6-0 in maps to achieve advancement. 

The next match featured Aurora and Heroic, which ended 2-0 in favour of the South American team. The series was a total farmfest, with both teams avoiding as many fights as possible. In this battle of attrition, Heroic came out on top. Davai Lama landed a sick Black Hole to end the game. 

Back to the 2-0 pool, Talon Esports lost the advancement series to BOOM Esports after a close 1-2 series. The first map seemed very competitive, but BOOM lost their footing due to Jhocam’s devastating performance on his Shadow Shaman. Still, BOOM replied with two stomps to reverse sweep the series and join the big boys in the Round Robin stage.

The day was closed with a match between Nouns and PSG Quest. The series did not produce too many interesting highlights, as both teams exchanged stomps, where PSG Quest came out on top 2-1. 

Two days remain in the Elite League Swiss Stage. At the end of the phase, eight teams will advance, while eight teams will be eliminated. So far, Entity Gaming and BOOM Esports have qualified for the next stage, while 9Pandas and rest farmers have been eliminated. 

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