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Team Liquid Return To Form And Qualify For DreamLeague Season 23

Author: Owen | Published at: 2024-03-23 21:46:00

After finishing dead last at DreamLeague Season 22, Team Liquid realized they weren’t supposed to be last-place finishers and woke up. iNSaNiA and company made light work of their oppositions to easily qualify for the next iteration of DreamLeague in its 23rd season.

On the first day, Team Liquid took down a stack that has dangerously been improving over the past weeks, Shad's stack called rest farmers. Fortunately for Team Liquid fans, nothing too serious was brewed up in the series, as the favorites could easily win the series 2-0 without too many issues. 

Next on the hit list was Tundra Esports fielding their new offlaner Tobi. Though the Tundra roster looked quite scary on paper, Team Liquid quickly showed they were the superior team. The series was one of the most dominant ones we’ve seen this year. 

Team Liquid won both maps in 21 and 22 minutes, where Tundra could not manage more than 10 combined kills throughout the series. When both maps were added up, the kill score was 39 to 7 in favor of Team Liquid

The final roadblock was OG, who had defeated MOUZ in their previous series. In the first game, miCKe went for a carry Marci pick, but the highlight spot was taken by Nisha, who had an impeccable performance on Dragon Knight. Team Liquid could maul OG in the first map after only 33 minutes of play.

The second game was another mega stomp, as miCKe’s Monkey King was let loose to kill all OG heroes. The game ended in 22 minutes, where Team Liquid had 30 kills and only fed two deaths. With this result, Team Liquid defeated OG 2-0 to qualify for DreamLeague Season 23.

There is still one more team that can qualify through the Western European qualifier. Entity Gaming, Tundra Esports, and OG will battle for the final slot.

All results from the WEU Qualifier will be determined tomorrow!

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